Tuesday, 5 October 2010

My day today

Today i went to school and the first lesson was literacy,we had to write a new version of Cinderella in a Egypt way i was working with Eloise and frank.After that we  had to go to brake so i went out and played. after that it was maths so i had to add an add and even number together.then it was lunch time and i was doing cross country

we where walking to the park near school and i came about 23 out of 4 classes when running 2 laps round the hole park and one child didn't even do a quarter of a lap. so we headed back to school and we had lunch and then we had a supply teacher. the next lesson was comprehension and it was very boring after that it was brake. after brake we went to the infant playground and played parer shoot and it was fun.


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This is my homework :

Death Rituals and Mummification
The Process of Mummification
In order to go to the underworld, you had to be mummified or embalmed. First, they would crack the skull and take out the brains through the nose. Then they would put in a liquid and let it dry. Then they would take out all of the organs, except the heart, and put them in special jars. After that, they would replace the real organs with fake ones that were put inside the body where the the old ones use to be. They would wash the body in natron (natron was a salty liquid) and they would dry it with tree sap liquid, so it would be flexible. The priest or mummifiers would then wash the body and oil or perfume the body to make it smell good. They would wrap the pharaoh with 400 yards of linen strips. The priest would chant hymns and add charms and trinkets for good luck. They also would mummify cats, dogs, or any beloved pets. Animals were very sacred to the Egyptians and if you killed one, the sentence was death.   



  1. well done again Xavier remember to use the spell check, though some words wont come up if there is two meanings & more than one way of spelling in your case its school break not brake xxx

  2. No more posts Xavier don't tell me you have given up on Blogging already xx